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Why do you need to backup your data?

It happens every day. Whether your hard drive simply dies or you've dropped your laptop, a computer crash means critical information is lost. Forever. Unless, of course, your important data files are backed up. Imagine working for hours, days or weeks on a project and then losing it all by a system crash, virus or fire. Having a backup procedure in place will save you countless hours of work and give you piece of mind knowing your data is safe.

Backup is a crucial part of safe computing. The best backup solution depends on your needs. Specifically, the most important questions is this: How much data do you have to back up right now?

If you use a computer you most likely have critical files on your system that you absolutely do NOT want to lose. Backing up an entire hard drive or Operating System is simply inefficient and often unsuccessful when you attempt to recover it. The fact is that 99% of what you are backing up is easily replaced with your Windows CD! What you really want to do is target the "critical" files on your system...they may be database files, email archives, text files, documents or data files for your favorite software program.

PC Help LA can setup a backup plan for you that suits your needs. From small home office backup plans to large corporate backup plans. We can help you keep your data safe. Why risk losing your important data? Call us to get a backup plan now before its too late.



Iozeta - Online Backup and Cloud Storage

Click here to start backing up your data now.
Don't wait until its too late.

Unlimited space , up to 5 computers
Only $94.56


Unlimited Online backup Unlimited Online Backup with Livedrive
Unlimited Online Backup Storage:
Don’t pay extra when you need more space; use Unlimited Online Backup. We provide you as much space as you need at no extra charge.
Backup External Drives:
You can choose to automatically backup all the files you have on your computers, which includes files on external drives attached to your computers.
File Version History
View up to 30 older versions of any file and restore a previous version if necessary
View Files Online
See your photos, watch your videos, play your music, and display your documents from your personal web portal. You will love the easy-to-use online web interface!
No Throttling
Upload and download files at the full speed of your internet connection, or save your bandwidth for other applications. We let you choose your speed by giving you the controls.
Free iPhone and iPad App
View documents, play music or watch movies from anywhere – streamed to your iPad or iPhone. Visit iTunes and install the Livedrive app.
Backup Additional Computers
Add online backup for each additional computer for only $0.88/month.  We guarantee this is the best price for online backup. If at any time you find a better price, we will match it!
FREE Online Backup for Five (5) Computers
Receive backup protection for five (5) of your computers for FREE, simply add Livedrive to your Online Backup account – our best value!
Sync Files Between Computers with Livedrive
Livedrive is a new drive on your computer, just like a USB drive! Files put on your Livedrive are synced online and across all your computers.
2TB (2,048GB) of Livedrive Storage
In addition to having Unlimited Online Backups, your Livedrive comes standard with 500GB of space that automatically syncs between all your computers. Upgrade to 2TB (4 times the standard space) for only $7.00 more.
Edit Documents Online
Edit Office documents and retouch photos from your web browser from anywhere.
One-Click Sharing with Friends
Click to share files with anyone via a simple web link, or share files privately with friends, family and colleagues. No more e-mailing large files.
Email Files to Livedrive
Email files straight to your Livedrive as attachments. Easily upload files from mobile devices or other computers.
FTP Files to Your Livedrive
Unlike any other online backup service, you can access your Livedrive files using the FTP protocol.
WebDAV Access
Upload and download files from your Livedrive account on all your devices that use the WebDAV protocol.
Price $3.88/month
only $46.56 a year
Unlimited space
only $94.56 a year. Unlimited space

Click here to start backing up your data now.
Don't wait until its too late.


What is Live drive?
While the Online Backup backs up your computer files, your Livedrive appears
as an additional drive on your computer, just like an external drive to which you
upload any files or folders of your choice. With the Online Backup service,
you can view or download any backed up files from anywhere you have internet access, while the Livedrive allows you to edit, share and sync your files, including any files uploaded from your Backup.





Free 5gb online backup is available here
Join 4Shared Now!

  • Transfer and manage files online
    You can upload, download and manage files directly in your virtual drive using only your Internet browser, without any additional software.
  • Windows style menus and toolbars
    All menus and toolbars designed in Windows style.
  • Windows, Linux, and Mac operation system support
    Our service is supported by the most popular operating system like Windows, Linux and Mac.
  • Multilevel file system
    Better usability is also provided by treelike structure of your virtual drive.
  • Multiple files upload
    It allows you to upload as many files as you want at once.  (100mb per file limit with free acct.)
  • File upload progress bar
    The progress bar is shown while your files are beeing uploaded.
  • Anonymous file upload
    Everybody can upload files to your virtual drive if the "upload files" option is marked.
  • Copy, move, delete and rename files
    You can manage any amount of files at once. There is an ability to mark files for futher using.
  • Share files/folders with anyone by a web-based link to them
    It is provided the unique sharing link for each folder. And follow it another people can access your shared files.
  • Folder sharing with different access levels
    You can set different parameters and rights of access to your shared folders.
  • Password protection of folder
    Each of your shared folders can be protected by individual password.
  • Email file as sharing link
    It allows you to send sharing links of marked files via email.
  • Automated thumbnails
    You have an opportunity to open fast preview window for images or pdf files.
  • Photo album
    You can set the view of folders as Photo album, where all images are in preview mode.
  • Play your music files online
    Ability to play music files online without downloading.
  • Stream video
    Watching video files online.
  • Text file preview
    An ability to open any text file in small preview window directly from the account.
  • Change the file description
    It allows you to write description for each file wich is shown in download window.
  • File comments
    This feature allows other people to add comments concerning your shared file.
  • Themes
    Change the appearance of your file download pages.
  • Anti-Virus
    Automatic virus checking of files that effectively protect you against being infected by a virus.
  • Secure registration and login
    Procedures of registration and login are carried out by a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology that provides secure and confidential communication by encrypting information.